About Us

We are a leading provider of enterprise telecom management solutions, focusing exclusively on improving the business outcomes related to communications for clients in 40 states and 31 countries. We bridge the gap between our clients and our carrier partners by developing strategic partnerships to save our clients time, while ensuring they receive the right technology at the best price.

Our team consists of seasoned Project Managers and Consultants who are here to assist your organization. Currently, we manage in excess of $3,000,000 per month in telecom assets on behalf of our clients with operations both domestic and international. 

We continually focus on the optimization of the entire lifecycle of a given client’s telecom environment — we carefully consider and manage all phases of our clients’ telecommunications infrastructure, both wireline and wireless. We do this by offering a managed service that bundles Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM), Telecom Expense Management (TEM), and Carrier Agnostic Procurement services.



A Note From CEO and Chief Communication Strategist, Dave Dyson

When I started Eclipse with Todd Hext, we agreed from Day 1 that we would be "good people doing good business."  I wanted Eclipse to be a place that made the world better every day for the people we interact with.  We are culture warriors.  We strive for a culture of love and respect where everyone has the power to create, learn, and enjoy what they do and the people they do it with.  



Telecom does not exist in an ideal state today for the mid-market and enterprise client.  Cost, customer service, and the pace of technology change are out of alignment with client expectations and goals.

At Eclipse, we make the complex simple.  The result is a partnership with our clients where telecommunications transforms from just a necessity to a strategic asset that drives business growth.


At Eclipse, our vision is to connect the world giving attention and intention through listening and understanding to increase harmony and create love.

Core Values

  • We respect and nurture our relationships.
  • We communicate with care to build trust.
  • We own all outcomes big and small, successes and setbacks.
  • We take pride in the solutions and partners we bring to your world.
  • We challenge ourselves to evolve, clients to question the status quo, and the industry to be the best version of itself.
  • We take every opportunity to lead.
  • EclipseCares - giving our time to the community.
  • We have fun while we work.