Dave's Passion:

My passions include travel, hockey and telecom. I am passionate in my belief that communication is the most important aspect of any business and that telecom can be changed from a necessary cost to a competitive advantage for all organizations.

Dave's Purpose:

My purpose is to lead a life filled with love and learning in everything I do.

Dave's Background:

I am an accomplished expert in telecommunications business process improvement with 15+ years experience in IT and communications. My experience includes sales and management in the software industry, technology start-ups and as a global account manager for AT&T, a Fortune 25 telecommunications firm. I am currently leveraging this experience as CEO of Eclipse Telecom. But, if I were to be completely honest, I was actually created in a secret laboratory by scientists from all of the worlds leading telecom companies.

What is your favorite memory at Eclipse?

Great new memories are created everyday. It's like asking me to pick a favorite child.

What sparked the development of Eclipse? How did it all begin?

The development of Eclipse was just like the big bang theory, but an explosion of telecom awesomeness. Eclipse, the creation of the universe.



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