Cost Optimization

Ever get the feeling you're paying too much for your telecom?  We help you make smarter decisions about telecom expenses to help protect what's yours.  We're dedicated to helping you find the right solution at the right cost to keep your business running smoothly. We optimize client environments and track all spending. Clients have real-time access to their costs, expense trends, and variances in monthly spending. Our expertise in contracts and our ongoing benchmarking of carrier rates ensure that you will get the right technology at the optimal price.  



Are your bills confusing and hard to understand?  We help companies of all kinds streamline and consolidate their billing processes.  This eliminates late fees,overcharges and 3rd party billing.


Customer Service/ Support

Tired of customer service approaches that make you feel like you're at the deli counter being told to take a number?  At Eclipse, we treat every customer like the only customer.  No matter what the issue is, we're available 24x7x365 to help you get it solved today.



Have you ever had an implementation go off the rails?  Eclipse has a seasoned team of project management professionals that will make you feel at ease.  Our wealth of experience and relationships allow us to stay steps ahead of potential problems and scenarios to keep your systems on track.


Telecom Procurement Services

Eclipse Telecom has partnerships with over 75 carriers around the globe. We use our carrier partnerships and knowledge of the industry to provide vendor agnostic solutions to our clients site all over the world.
Mobile Policy Creation and Management
We work with you to create the best mobility policy for your company and implement the procedures for effective ongoing management. We help keep costs in control and ensure all users are fitted with the most effective business tools.


Pace of Technology

Adapt or die.  We hear it constantly in every industry.  Well, what are you actually doing to stay ahead of the curve? At Eclipse, we keep our finger on the pulse of telecom to provide you with the solutions you need to continue adapting to the always-changing technology environment.


Risk Avoidance

At Eclipse, we employ best practices to assure you have not only the right technology at the right price, but do not have to spend unnecessary cycles handling telecom related issues when your core business is calling you for help.