Shadow IT, Nothing to be Afraid of!

The topic of our Newsletter this month is (very scary music here)………Shadow IT. I've been hearing this term for about 6 months and it's always negative, it shouldn't be!

The Eclipse Efficiency Quotient

As IT leaders look at their teams, their work loads, priorities and how the team can be most efficient and productive, they should consider outsourcing these functions to Eclipse. We think the most important job of an IT organization is to serve their internal clients by developing and delivering solutions that allow the company to meet their stated objectives. Using high paid resources to manage the daily ins and outs of technology is not an efficient use of what is most likely your most limited, and precious resource.

Is Your Head in the Clouds?

"Head in the clouds” has been a derogatory saying meaning the person is not paying much attention to what is happening around them, has their attention on their own thoughts, or their head is filled with unrealistic ideas. Not anymore!

Promise land of Communication

With 7 months of being a member of Eclipse under my belt, I feel comfortable saying that we pursue the extraordinary science of becoming a champion every day.  So I thought I'd give you a little insight on what I believe to be an Eclipse Champion.

Eclipse Predictions for the Year Ahead

Happy New Year! As we enter 2018, let’s take a look ahead to what telecom and technology have in store for us this year.

I will elaborate on each point and summarize with a key takeaway for each in the following fashion:

There is lots of stuff happening in technology, blah, blah, blah. Cloud, cloud, cloud etc.
Key Takeaway: Call Eclipse to help, they will know exactly what to do.