Promise land of Communication

With 7 months of being a member of Eclipse under my belt, I feel comfortable saying that we pursue the extraordinary science of becoming a champion every day.  So I thought I'd give you a little insight on what I believe to be an Eclipse Champion.

Eclipse Predictions for the Year Ahead

Happy New Year! As we enter 2018, let’s take a look ahead to what telecom and technology have in store for us this year.

I will elaborate on each point and summarize with a key takeaway for each in the following fashion:

There is lots of stuff happening in technology, blah, blah, blah. Cloud, cloud, cloud etc.
Key Takeaway: Call Eclipse to help, they will know exactly what to do.

It's Time to Give Thanks

It’s hard to believe that we are near the end of 2017. It’s been a year of wonderful growth and change at Eclipse and as we near my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, I think it’s an appropriate to take some time to reflect and give thanks for all of the good in my life.

The Signal Through the Noise

As anyone who has been listening to me for the last few years will attest, I have been a loud advocate of the fact that SD-WAN was going to disrupt the way most enterprises have been doing Wide Area Networking (WAN) for the last two decades (MPLS and VPN’s for the most part). I stand pretty firm in that conviction and Eclipse has helped a number of clients achieve some of the tremendous technical, operational, and financial gains that SD-WAN can deliver.

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick

On September 1st, 2017, I celebrated an anniversary with my team. Over some delicious food and champagne we celebrated eight years of Eclipse being in business, taking care of our clients, and growing as a team.