In life, you can’t plan for what you don’t see coming. Telecom is no different. Too often companies continue to waste time and money on the same outdated, inefficient and unreliable telecom solutions. And while they may be mostly comfortable with how business is going, it’s what they’re not thinking about that could cause the most trouble down the road. That’s where we come in. At Eclipse, we’re in the X-Ray business. Our unique combination of operational and strategic telecom expertise allows us to look deep into your organization’s telecom practices and see what really may be plaguing your ability to stay efficient and optimized. From billing and customer service to implementation, new technology and everything in between, Eclipse CEO Dave Dyson will share stories about how we’ve worked with top tier companies to help them uncover, diagnose, and drastically improve their current state of telecom. Check back soon to hear from Dave Dyson and Eclipse success!