In a world that is constantly changing, millennials are all about getting ahead of the game. One place that is experiencing a lot of change is in company culture and what millennials prefer. Start up companies demonstrate values and ideals that are extremely appealing to the younger generations.  

Company culture means everything to millennials. Screw the work at your desk in the corner for five hours with no interaction. The millennials are all about engagement to get ideas flowing. And where can this type of company culture most often be found? Start-Ups.

The experience a start up company provides to any employee is invaluable. Working at one requires a certain personality to blend into the company culture. Below are the five qualities a prospective millennial must have to mold into the success of a start up:


            1.  The eagerness to learn: As Eclipse CEO Dave Dyson once said, "life is a continuous life-long learning curve. In order to grow and improve, one must have the eager and willingness to not only learn something new but to continue the act of learning daily." In a start up company, every day is different. One must be open to learn things they may not be knowledgeable on or comfortable with.

            2.  The ability to advance success and power through uncertainty: As stated, everyday is different in a start up company.  One month you are gaining new clients and the next the company could be going through periods of stagnation. But having the ability to continue to thrive and succeed during uncertainty requires a strong will and passion. If one can survive in the lowest of the lows, they can succeed even more greatly on the better days.

            3.  You’ve got to have that drive: Do you wake up everyday wanting to go to work? Do you love the people you work with? You better! Right off the bat, one must have the drive to come to work everyday determined to make a difference. If you don’t have that drive, then you are not the right fit for most start up companies.

            4. FIO: One must have a FIO or “Figure It Out” personality in order to survive at a start-up. There is no manual or employee monitoring you every thirty minutes.  There must be confidence present and a figure it out mentality to get the job done both effectively and efficiently. You don’t just wear one hat or play one role at a start-up, you are expected to be able to handle multiple responsibilities.

            5.  Teamwork: The company culture of a start-up is like a puzzle. Everyone fits in where they need to be and brings something to the bigger picture. One must have the ability to collaborate extremely well with others who might have different personalities.  Team collaboration happens at different levels. Whether you are working together at a volunteer event, finalizing a new project or fostering a new partnership, teamwork is a must.