The holidays are a time of reflection for Eclipse. Eclipse Telecom takes time to reflect on the past year of Eclipse success. We asked our wonderful Project Manager, Nikki Martin, about Eclipse and the holidays. 

First we asked Nikki, "What is Eclipse's favorite part of the holidays, both in and out of the office?"

Nikki: Eclipse's favorite part of the holidays from a business aspect is helping our clients strategize and pave the IT vision for the next year to come. Likewise, the Eclipse team truly cherishes the moments of giving time to the community. This year Eclipse participated in the Sue Duncan Children's Center Secret Santa. We were able to provide gifts to children who otherwise may not have received much. It is very rewarding to make a direct impact on these children's lives!

We then asked Nikki,  "What has been a recent accomplish of Eclipse over the holiday season?"

Nikki: Eclipse is updating and restructuring our processes and procedures going into the New Year. At Eclipse, we continually strive to make the customer experiences even better than it is today.

Eclipse wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday with family and loved ones!