I had the fortune of working for Eclipse Telecom this past summer as an intern for their marketing department.  I came in as an inexperienced, eager college student from Miami University and had no clue how of an impact this company would have on me.  The amount of experience, responsibility, and growth that this entrepreneurial atmosphere provided me was indispensable.  I strongly encourage every young professional to try working for a company with the same type of environment as Eclipse. 

The Experience:

After the summer was over I got to see all my friends at Miami University after 12 weeks of being back home.  We got to talking and catching up with everyone’s lives by discussing and comparing each other’s internships and I was surprised to hear some of the things from my friends who worked at “big time” “reputable” companies and what they did on a day to day basis.  A lot of them were pigeon holed to one project for the entire summer.  Some simply did spreadsheets all day long or other monotonous work.  Some even struggled to find anything to do at work at times.  Not for me.  My co-worker and I worked on so many different projects and the variety really gave us such a wide range of experiences.  We worked on everything from web design, logo art, newsletters, social media, networking events, communication with clients, and more.  Wearing different hats as an intern really helped narrow my interests for my future as a professional marketer.  I walked away being able to recognize my strengths and knowing what I wanted to do with my as a twenty one year old and not too many people can say that. 

The Responsibility:

It was a running joke in the office that Paige, my co-worker, and I walked in on day one and were promoted to CMO’s of the marketing department.  As a smaller company, a lot of specialization is outsourced to other companies so they can focus on their craft with their clients.  By bringing us in, they were able to delegate these large responsibilities to us with tremendous trust and support.  We had to figure out a lot of things through research, trying, and failing.  It was great how comfortable they made us feel by allowing us to come to them with our work and provide constructive criticism which provided great feedback.  Two college students were able to redesign a website, contact CIO’s from different companies, and host a networking event for clients which is obviously a lot of responsibility for two employees in our position.  They believed in our capabilities and it allowed us to be successful. 

The Growth:

Overall, the best takeaway from my time at Eclipse has been the growth that I have seen in myself both as a professional and as a person.  I spent 7 years as a summer basketball camp instructor with no clue how to work in the real world and all of a sudden I was diving head first into Eclipse Telecom in downtown Chicago.  I took the train every day to the office where I was handed real meaningful projects to work with in a friendly environment that encouraged and demanded my very best and gave me every resource to do so.  I am so grateful I got to work for this company and see my growth from day one to the last and everything I got to learn and accomplish.  Working for a startup company was the best situation I could have ever asked for.