The Junto Institute, similar to a graduate school, is a place where fast growing entrepreneurs and start up founders accelerate their learning curve. Through structured educational programs, The Junto Institute turns CEOs into leaders by educating them on how to better run their businesses and lead their team.

In 2013, our co-founders, Dave Dyson and Todd Hext, joined The Junto Institute's first cohort, Junto I. After four years of business operation, Dave and Todd decided that investing in themselves was investing in the company for long term success. They both strongly believe in the importance of culture and the investment in people. 

Eclipse Telecom was featured on The Junto Institute Blog for our company culture. As stated in the blog post, "Dave calls people who share this belief 'culture warriors', which he defines as 'The kind of people willing to put the culture of the organization and what they stand for above all else.'"

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