Risk Avoidance goes deeper than simply “buying the right technology at the right price.”  You want to know that your post-sales support is as good or even better than your pre-sales support. Here are a list of questions you’re going to want to ask yourself in terms of mitigating telecom related risk:

Is the vendor you’re doing business with likely facing any merger or acquisition activity that could cause disruption? Are you buying from a great sales team yet not too sure about the team that supports them?  Is the service you’re purchasing from a “Big Logo” but not necessarily a strategic product for the vendor?  Has a comprehensive fail-over strategy been discussed, implemented, and tested?  Are there any terms in your vendor contracts that seem one sided (e.g. you just have to love the “auto-renew” clause)? 

Who is the underlying carrier for the last mile and what are the SLAs for response time in outage situations? Was the order placed with the right handoff type?  Is there a dedicated team for support issues or do you have a toll free to rely upon in outage situations? What degree of your network today is Type-1 Access? 

Do you have the right team to help negotiate an effective unbiased RFP negotiation (and truly enough lead time to make the best decision for your company)?  The genie is out of the bottle, copper (TDM) is well on its way out the door; what is your long-term strategy for voice?  Wireless spending going up exponentially yet not entirely sure how to address that? 

Of course other potential obstacles are lurking out there, listed here are just a few.  At Eclipse, we employ best practices to assure you have not only the right technology at the right price, but do not have to spend unnecessary cycles handling telecom related issues when your core business is calling you for help.