Eclipse Telecom's Marketing Coordinators, Brian Oddo and Paige Powell, were selected this past summer as 2015 participants of the Altman Scholar Internship Program at the Institute of Entrepreneurship of Miami University. At Miami University, the Institute of Entrepreneurship partners with unique early start, start up and growth companies in Chicago and Cincinnati where a selected few, hand picked students are matched to host companies. 

During this internship experience, students serve more responsibility than just your average intern. Participants are trusted as real full-time employees. Interns are guaranteed meaningful and successful work as they develop and deliver a number of impactful projects for their host company. In addition to the 10 weeks of working, every other week students meet a variety of successful local entrepreneurial companies. Students meet with new networks and knowledgeable mentors for the opportunity to connect with people all across the business world. The exposure to the different stages of entrepreneurship gives students a hands on, inside look to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Immediately when Brian and Paige started their 10-Weeks  at Eclipse, they were given full responsibility.  Brian and Paige were continuously viewed as valid team members by adding value to Eclipse through meaningful work.  In a few short months they were able to redesign the company's web page, modify logos and slogans, start a monthly newsletter, write blogs, manage all social media accounts, and more.  

The Altman Internship experience is fast paced and filled with purposeful work that provides an opportunity you cannot find elsewhere. Brian and Paige had the honor of meeting Miami legacy John Altman, the founder of the Institute of Entrepreneurship at Miami University when he made a trip back to campus last week.  

As stated by Miami University, "For those with the passion, commitment and courage of the entrepreneur, the American Dream is waiting to be seized. John Altman ’60 is living proof". From dirty work such as cleaning toilets to going bankrupt twice to serving on the high end of two multi-national corporations, John Altman is one hell of an entrepreneur. Read more on Mr. John W. Altman here