Junto Institute welcomed a Junto Alumnus, CEO Dave Dyson, as a new recent professor for fast-growing companies. Junto is a school for founding teams of rapidly growing start up companies. Dave recently led upcoming professionals on a class about leadership and self-management. Dave focused on potential weaknesses in leadership styles and vulnerabilities in decision making.

Dave began the class with a discussion on the importance of self-care and prioritization. Dave stated how self-care is a choice, a decision and a lifestyle. Taking the time out of a busy schedule to establish a routine will only support a strong leadership lifestyle rather than trying to succeed with an unorganized and overextended lifestyle.

The second point Dave touched on was regarding personal habits and biases. How do pre-conditioned habits impact our leadership style? Acknowledging personal habits and biases creates an open environment when making decisions. It is necessary to have self control of our biases and not use them or let them impact business decisions.

Thirdly, Dave focused on the importance of recognizing a problem before finding a solution. How big is your plate of decisions and ideas? Let leaders focus on all aspects and opinions of a problem before jumping to a conclusion.

Last but not least, we’ve all heard of the saying, think before you act. Or in Dave’s words, “Walk Before You Run.” It is beneficial to pick one aspect of your leadership style or self management to focus on at once. Having full focus on one weakness opens the potential for higher improvement and less vulnerability in decision making.

To read more about Dave’s teaching experience at Junto, click here: http://www.thejuntoinstitute.com/blog/2015/8/24/how-to-get-better-at-leadership-self-management