Open Networking User Group is the community that shapes how the network vendor community develops and drives innovation.  Kirk Armstrong, our resident Networking Nerd at Eclipse attended this year’s event in New York City to ensure Eclipse continues to be at the forefront of developing partnerships and finding technology solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

The biggest trend in networking is one of total visibility into not only your WAN network, but your infrastructure, applications, and total performance of all machines on your LAN. Increases in information for both analytics and monitoring on devices will provide understanding at what thresholds workloads need to be moved between different work groups, servers, or clouds.  This will allow IT teams to be proactive with their entire ecosystem versus retroactively having the Application and Network teams try and isolate issues that often times sit in a grey area between teams.

In order to move to this new software defined reality where machines are monitoring other machines and providing real time analytics and monitoring, you need to reconsider the tools you are using to monitor data and how it transitions across the network.  The key to success is to define what metrics are important to your company as you build this new network.  Once those parameters are defined then we can work to provide tools that monitor results for your key performance indicators. 

The greatest advantage of this current technology evolution is that community of providers and solutions are more willing than ever to let you work with them to buy only what you need versus what they are selling.  The providers are more concerned about the technology being used effectively by the customer to solve the client’s problem than they have been before.  With this more flexible sales process the emergence of open API’s between platforms to integrate into holistic solutions is becoming more the norm versus the proprietary platforms and protocols of the past.. 

With the power and control now available to you across your network all the way to the application layer, your team can create a diversified cloud strategy that is secure, flexible, and mitigates risk throughout your organization. Contact Kirk today to discuss your network of the future and how Eclipse can help you build it.