This March, Eclipse CEO Dave Dyson is on a keynote panel at the largest event in our industry, the 2016 Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Eclipse Project Manager, Nikki Martin, and Network Design & Pricing Specialist, Kirk Armstrong, will be attending the event in addition to Dave. The keynote panel is about cloud vs. mobility vs security. Art Wittmann, the moderator of the panel, is the Vice President of Business Technology Network. He has 20+ years of hands on experience in high-tech publishing. Other panelists along with Dave include Charles Morton, the CEO of Engaged LLC, a channel partnership consulting group and Michael Goodenough, the Vice President of cloud solutions at BCM One.

Why should you attend the Expo? These experienced panelists will enlighten businesses on new practices for long-term success and help determine the best direction for specific needs and long term goals of the company. To learn more about the 2016 Channel Partners Conference & Expo follow this link: