Meet our new Client Success Manager, Dominic Sciackitano

We are ecstatic to welcome Dominic Sciackitano as our full-time Client Success Manager. His job is to ensure all tactical aspects of client relationships are handled with the utmost care and attention, including project management, inquiry resolution and operational efficiency. He will work closely with our Client Happiness Officer, Nikki Martin, to help implement new strategic initiatives to continuously improve the client experience. He plays an integral role in working with clients and ensuring the standards and procedures in which Eclipse operates are meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Dominic hails from Lansing, IL and recently graduated from North Central College where he studied Organizational Communication and Business Management. He is the type of person who will start a conversation with a stranger, and it will feel as though they have known each other for years. He loves to talk, make people laugh and just have a great time altogether. Dom is a huge sports fan, cheering primarily for his Chicago teams, although he absolutely loves the Yankees. Whether it is playing a sport, going swimming or simply going on a walk, he always wants to be active and never wastes a day. When he is not trying to tolerate his two sisters, he focuses on the most important thing in his life: his dog Trixie. 

At Eclipse, Dom looks forward to enhancing his telecom experience while working in the city. He is thrilled to be a part of such a growing and exciting company where he will be able to create and maintain valuable relationships. Our team is excited to have Dom onboard, and we anticipate great things from him.