It’s hard to believe that we are near the end of 2017. It’s been a year of wonderful growth and change at Eclipse and as we near my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, I think it’s appropriate to take some time to reflect and give thanks for all of the good in my life.

I am thankful for our clients. We started Eclipse eight years ago with the premise that if we put the clients first, they would feel it. We continue to honor that principle and our clients continue to value it.  Your trust and loyalty are never taken for granted, we appreciate every bit of it and it makes us all want to work harder every day to ensure your success.

I am so grateful for our team at Eclipse. We have grown a lot this year and every new person has added more insight, passion, and love to our team and the experience we provide. When a team works together towards common goals, it’s awesome to be a part of it and it is pervasive at Eclipse. The passion everyone has for the success of one another, our clients, and our communities is in the air and I spring out of bed every day to come to work in large part because of the people I get to do it with.

I have an unlimited supply of gratitude for my family. My (much) better half, Mara, has been the biggest Eclipse supporter since day one. Despite her own busy schedule, nary a week goes by where the team doesn’t get some homemade banana bread or cookies to remind them that the extended Eclipse family is thinking of them always. I always look forward to the random end of the day drop-ins at the office from my daughter, Sadie, and so enjoy watching her build her own path and career. It’s so gratifying to see her finding her passion. Being the family of an entrepreneur can be a challenge, we get consumed by the work and often make sacrifices on the personal front. Having two amazing women who keep me honest and grounded and hold me accountable to being the best man I can be is a gift that keeps growing.

I hope that during this season of thanks, we can all take time to let the people in our work and personal lives know how grateful we are for all they do to make our lives better, happier, and full of love.

Happy Thanksgiving!