"Head in the clouds” has been a derogatory saying meaning the person is not paying much attention to what is happening around them, has their attention on their own thoughts, or their head is filled with unrealistic ideas. Not anymore!

As a veteran of the Telecom Industry I’ve spent the last 33 years building and operating fiber optic and fixed wireless physical infrastructure. The products and services we’ve provided our customers were delivered and billed for in the shapes and sizes we wanted to or could deliver them in. Again, not Anymore!

As we all know “cloud” is a broad term, we hear a lot of questions about collocation, public or private cloud, what applications should reside where or if they should even be in the cloud. The point and the beauty of the cloud is it’s whatever you want it to be. Cloud solutions have made it possible to completely customize technology, leverage best of breed infrastructure, applications, configurations and pay for it on demand and in the way that most benefits your business.

If your head isn’t in the clouds, it should be. It’s a great time to be a technology leader. Our industry has finally figured out how to provide solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and pay for, which means you can focus your time and energy on delivering solutions that help the entire company meet their goals and objectives.

Eclipse can help. We provide strategy, implementation and management of technology solutions including cloud applications. In addition, we also make sure you get the right technology at the right time for the right cost. Eclipse and the Cloud, a powerful combination.