One of the many benefits of Eclipse is our Client Success Team headed by Nikki Martin, our Client Happiness Officer. Nikki's team is responsible for managing move, add, change and disconnect (MACD) work for thousands of client locations globally, on top of fielding client requests daily.

You might ask how this relatively small group of people manages this volume so successfully. The answer is, based on experience with clients, our team is 3:1 more efficient than in house resources.

Ok, so how?

  • Process- Our process provides multiple touch points to our clients that are immediately routed to the appropriate client success manager so they can open the request and begin to work on it in real time. To support this, we provide an SLA to our clients on response times.
  • Focus- Our team is focused on customer satisfaction and they have no other job or requirement that takes their time away from the client.
  • Relationships- Our team has access to dedicated Eclipse provider resources, in addition to access to high level executives with all providers based on our aggregated client volume; when we talk, carriers listen.
  • We care-  Not to imply that internal resources don't care, but this is not the most exciting part of IT work. MACD work can get pushed to the bottom of a to-do list but not at Eclipse, this is the job and client success is job one.

As IT leaders look at their teams, their work loads, priorities and how the team can be most efficient and productive, they should consider outsourcing these functions to Eclipse. We think the most important job of an IT organization is to serve their internal clients by developing and delivering solutions that allow the company to meet their stated objectives. Using high paid resources to manage the daily ins and outs of technology is not an efficient use of what is most likely your most limited, and precious resource.

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