The topic of our Newsletter this month is (very scary music here)………Shadow IT. I've been hearing this term for about 6 months and it's always negative, it shouldn't be!
The role of technology, in any company, is as a tool to help the company meet its goals and objectives. This includes supporting the internal client initiatives and their individual goals and objectives. Shadow IT occurs when the technology organization fails to meet the needs of their internal client for whatever reason and they feel compelled to find a way to meet their needs on their own. Now, I'm not saying that the technology organization needs to blindly support every requirement the internal client has, we all have budgets and workloads but every requirement should be entertained and vetted.
The real way to stop Shadow IT from being an issue is to embrace it. Create a secure, nimble platform that can support most applications the internal client may require, set rules of engagement and then let them bring any technology to the table they believe will help them meet their goals. The technology organization doesn’t have to be the source of all things creative and innovative, they just have to create an environment that is open and facilitates the best solution for the company.
Embrace the Shadow!