Joel N. Goldblatt, current partner at Williams Bax & Saltzman, P.C., envisioned putting together a book observing the structure of successful businesses and how they manage to sustain their success effectively and profitably.  His experience representing business owners, their companies, and addressing the barrage of issues they face in everyday life, laid down a foundation of understanding the many fundamentals of business.  But as a legal professional, he thought he would reach out to his vast network of business experts to get their opinions on the many facets that make up a successful company.  Who better to touch on the topic of telecom than Eclipse Telecom’s own Dave Dyson?

In Chapter 23 of The Book for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs, Dave Dyson offers his insight into the world of telecom.  Dave debunks the myth of telecom being a necessary evil, by providing context to how quickly our world is changing, especially in communication as we continue to globalize as a society.  Technology is rapidly changing and you have to evolve or be left behind.  Dave explains how innovation in just a little over a century has changed our lives forever.  Technology and government legislation established an infrastructure for altering the way we communicate with each other.  From the first telephone in 1876, to the first concept of the internet in 1960, to 1973 when the first cell phone call was made, our world is rapidly finding new ways to interact.  Dave highlights that it is imperative to understand the benefits of telecom and to use it as a strategic asset to drive business growth.  


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