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The expertise to improve your communication technology.

We believe nothing is more important than communicating. That’s why we work to ensure our clients are connected with the right communication strategy and technology. We connect team members with team members, customers to companies, innovation to implementation—with a passionate and unyielding commitment to deliver the best solutions. For us, that’s the only way. That’s the Eclipse Way.

Frustrated by opaque billing practices and inconsistent support?

Between increasingly opaque billing practices that include add-ons and up-sells, understaffed telecom vendors that make getting support difficult, and complex contractual arrangements it's no wonder you aren't sure if you are spending more than you should or what you're currently spending actually gets you. We can help you make sense of your bill and get the consistent support you deserve.


Not sure what you actually "own" or what your contracts cover?

With a myriad of lines, devices, and numbers to manage covered by overlapping and confusing contracts managed by multiple vendors it's not a surprise that many clients struggle with basic questions about what they "own" and how it's paid for. We can work with you to asses your current state, consolidate vendors and contracts, simplify billing and take ownership of both your inventory and contracts so you can focus on running your business.

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Does the pace of technology change leave you dizzy?

Technology is moving at an ever increasing pace it can feel like the second you implement a "cutting-edge" solution that the technology has already moved on. We can help you understand not only the current landscape but the emerging landscape so you don't constantly feel a step behind or buy something that doesn't actually solve your business's problems. We can also help you build the business case and ROI model to decide which investments are right for you.

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Implementation off the rails?

Now, more than ever, successful implementations require ever evolving skill-sets, coordination between multiple vendors and siloed parts of your organization, and longer timelines. This can leave you struggling to fill the necessary skill gaps in your organization, getting up to speed with vendor tools, and getting everyone on the same page. Often this means the project never realizes it's full potential as the technology purchased is never fully implemented leaving value on the table.

Gazing Out the Window

Measurable and meaningful results


$1.3M in annualized savings representing a 44% reduction


$850K in savings from contract renegotiation and plan management


60% reduction in ticket completion time


30% of inbound calls to contact center converted to self-service

Recognized as an industry leader

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We let our clients do the talking

Tom Drez - CIO/COP/CSO Director CIPP at Christian Brothers Services

"We look at Eclipse as an extension of our organization."

manus cowley.jpg
Manus Cowley - VP of IT at Collins Engineers

"It's not simply a business relationship. It is a personal relationship."

Dan Amend - Director of IT at TUTHILL

"I know when we're partnering with's going to be a success."

Trusted by industry leaders

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