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Why Eclipse?

We believe the "industry" approach isn't working

There's an old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Enterprise telecom is broken. Poor implementations, over-billing and wasted money, revolving door sales and support personnel, and a pace of technological change that's almost impossible to keep up with are all part of the standard operating procedures when working with big telco today.


If we all know it's broken, isn't it well past the time to fix it? At Eclipse, we believe that communication is the most important thing your business does. Regardless of what your company makes, does, or sells for a living, how your people communicate with each other, partners, and most importantly your customers will ultimately determine your success as an organization. You've imagined a world where every technology implementation went smoothly, every dollar spent is done so thoughtfully and optimally, and you're not being sold technology widgets, features, and functions but rather finding partners that solve business challenges, engages employees, and delights customers. It's not just your imagination. It exists, it's called the Eclipse Way.


We transform the way you manage telecom, cloud, and customer experience to turn it from a costly necessary evil to a competitive advantage that helps you grow, turns customers into evangelists, and removes friction from your team so they can focus on doing the things that matter. Don't take our word for it hear what our customers say about us.

How we are different






"We are vendor agnostic"

"We have 100s of technology partners"




"You should buy this because its what my company sells."

"I can save you 20% on your telecom"




"SD-WAN will save your company from MPLS cost over-runs"




"Take your call center and put it in the cloud"




"But, you're already paying for it"


"Oh you need a thing at this location, here are 3 quotes"

"You shouldn't pursue the latest technology it's just a fad"

*often you hear this from companies that don't have the capability they are trying to trivialize



"These are plug and play, or it's so easy you won't need training"

We play favorites. Our job is to help you select the best solution for the problem at hand. Once we understand your requirements we short list tools and vendors that are good fits for your project goals but also fit your long term strategic goals.

We do too but what matters is that we help you identify the needle in the pile of needles.

The product any provider sells is not inherently good or bad.  Determining the right fit depends on your project goals and long term vision. We start with outlining your goals and that determines the best fit for your organization in both the short and long term.

Don't trust anyone who makes such claims without seeing your bills, inventory, and contracts. A real assessment requires all of these in order to measure where you are against industry benchmarks and where you should be. When we present our findings, we guarantee the results.

The primary goal of a transformation should be how am I better serving my customers and employees not trying to claw back overspend. The money you have spent to this point cannot be unspent or recovered only optimized moving forward.

The focus should be on transforming the way your customers interact with your brand and on turning them into enthusiastic fans. Don't get caught up in how something is delivered instead focus on what it does for your brand and your customers.

This is the equivalent of saying I paid for bottomless Buffalo Wings and I'm not leaving until I eat every one on hand no matter how much it hurts. Fill up where you can, but know the limits of your partners toolkit (licensed or not).

Even the most routine projects or requests we are managing time lines, contracts, spend attainments, long term strategic roadmaps, and what will make your organization successful. We are never boilerplate in our approach.

Technological leaps forward have to be planned and assessed within the framework of your organizational goals. The technology you have trusted with this for 10 years may not be the best one for the next 10.

If you hear this, run. When you change the end user experience you have to provide them the support and training needed to maximize the investment and deliver your product or service in new or innovative ways.

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