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This page intentionally has no information about our team. Want to know why? Read a bit more about this decision below.

Why did we decide to do something so radically different than everyone else? The simple answer is to create a more secure environment. 

Just about every website you visit is going to have information about the team behind the company. We used to have that too. We also made the conscious decision to remove information about our team in April of 2024. We noticed a trend in our web traffic that started in early 2023. Our team page was quickly becoming our most visited page. The number of visits to this page was exploding at a rate that far exceeded growth in traffic elsewhere on our site. We also noticed an increase in emails like this:

"Hi Matt,

Prior to the next payroll is being processed, I want to update my new bank information with finance department, what details do you need?

Best Regards,
Dave Dyson
Communications Visionary and Thought Leader at Eclipse Telecom"

and this 

"Good morning Dave

I need your help with an update on my payroll direct deposit information please, I recently switched my bank due to a technical issue I'm experiencing
with my account, let me know if I can forward my new information to you right now or better yet if there's a form I will need to fill out for me to have this done.  I would appreciate if this update can be effective before the next payday.

Thank you,
[We redacted that name of the employee for posting here but it was an actual employee]"

We even started to see emails instructing our teams to send their number to our founder and CEO so that he could text them to complete a task. 

What concerned us about these is that they were highly personalized and were missing many of the hallmarks of typical scam emails. They were typically well written without grammatical or spelling errors which is usually a dead giveaway to an email being malicious in nature. 

Coincidentally this increase in sophistication and frequency of attacks coincided with the release and emergence of ChatGPT. We made the determination that having our employee information out in the open was fueling an attack vector and hence the reason why we no longer make this information available on our website. 

If you would like to read more of our thoughts on how generative AI is fueling ever more sophisticated attacks read our blog post "Are You Prepared for DarkGPT? Why Now Is the Most Important Time to Evaluate Your Security Practices" better yet if you want to talk about some of the steps you can take to secure your business against these types of attack contact us here to start a conversation. 

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