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Dave Dyson - CEO, Chief Strategist

Ever since he was given a Fisher-Price chatter phone as a child in the 70’s, Dave knew he was destined to help the world communicate better. Dave has spent 20 plus years helping some of the largest companies in the world solve their complex technology challenges.  One of the most respected voices in the telecom industry, Dave is a sought after speaker and a member of many boards and advisory councils throughout the space.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Dave? “The Eclipse way is about doing everything we do with intention to ensure that we are delivering world-class outcomes, delighting everyone we interact with, and making the world a better place every single day.”

Kirk Armstrong - Director of Network Design

Kirk’s done it all. During his nearly 10 years at Eclipse, he has worked in telecom expense management and inventory, project management for individual sites, site moves and large-scale project management, both domestic and global. Kirk’s technology-centric role lets him keep his eyes downfield to provide exceptional customer experiences.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Kirk? “It’s about doing things the way the client needs them to be done, rather than the way they have always been done.”


Dominic Sciackitano - Account Manager

In the telecom industry, Dominic’s been a Project Manager, an Outside Salesman and is now an Eclipse Client Account Manager. He manages contracts and our outsourced NOC, and assists our customers in transitioning to their new telecom solutions. Dominic has passed the CTP exam, went through RingCentral certification training and passed the Intelysis Cloud Certification course.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Dominic? “It’s not about pushing a quota or product, but creating lasting relationships with people that need assistance navigating the murky telecom waters.”


Tyrone Suggs Jr. - Client Success Manager

Client success is so important to Tyrone, we put it in his job title. Tyrone takes particular pride in managing and taking the lead on products while building trust and respect with clients over the course of an order. He takes considerable pride and joy in seeing something start from a pricing quote and ending with actively running telecommunication services.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Tyrone? “It means being 100 percent honest, owning up to mistakes, and being the best communicator I can possibly be at all times.”


Ashlee (Berner) Stapleton - Client Success Manager

Ashlee joined Eclipse right out of college, but quickly embraced the world of telecom and what it entails. She already has several industry certifications under her belt with more to come, and puts her energy and learnings into improving telecom solutions for our clients.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Ashlee? “It encompasses how we carry ourselves, individually and as a team, with clients, vendors and colleagues day in and day out, personally and professionally.”

Sarah Puco - Analyst

Sarah loves being of service to others. It shows in her professional life where she focuses on opportunities for clients to optimize their IT spend and increase their technology value. If you want to make every dollar you spend go farther and be more impactful, Sarah is your go to resource at Eclipse.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Sarah? "It means looking beyond just doing business to help others as people. As a proud member of the Xposure IDC, I appreciate Eclipse's commitment to serving others through mentoring, volunteering, and social responsibility"


Priya Talari - Analyst

Need the best pricing/solution for your requirement? Priya is your person! She is one of the top contributors in the data analytics part of the organization. She unravels the mysteries of "the black box". This is where all the magic happens that includes: data gathering, crunching & analyzing the data, and then taking all she has learned to recommend the best solution to meet the client's requirements both short and long term. Priya never turns her back to a challenge or an opportunity to learn and grow.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Priya? “It means doing the heavy lifting to make the process as effortless as possible even if it means going the extra mile. We want our clients focused on the outcome and not bogged down in the process."

Matt Dickson - COO

Matt has been recognized as an industry leader in providing solutions that solve for complex problems in both patient and consumer experience. His career highlights include being named Ragan & PR Daily's Healthcare Communicator the Year in 2021 along with Frost and Sullivan's Customer Value Leadership Award North American Patient Engagement Industry and GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER Disruptor Products, Solutions, and Innovations | Healthcare, Wellness, and mHealth Products & Services for the Communications Solutions Division of Stericycle while he served as SVP & GM.

What does the Eclipse Way mean to Matt? "It means leading at a company that makes decisions with a lifetime mentality and not to make a number this quarter. We think about our clients as true partners and operate from a mindset of guiding them towards technology decisions that moves the needle for them and not just for us."

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