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How We Help

Start with a trusted and experienced guide

What to look out for

Every ascent requires a trusted and experienced guide. One that has hiked the trails many times before and knows the dangers that lie ahead. One that can prepare you for known dangers but can anticipate the unknown as well. At Eclipse, we have summited the peak many times before successfully guiding industry leaders such as The Walsh Group, Jockey, the Tuthill Corporation and many others to new heights.

Look out for guides that don't have demonstrable expertise. Ask for references. What do their clients say about them? How many times have they done this? How long have they been leading projects that mirror yours?

Requirements gathering done right

Any good guide knows the first step is preparation. We start by listening to you. What are you goals?  Requirements? What is your long-term vision? What represents your ideal state? 

What to look out for

Make sure whatever guide you select is really listening. Are they just checking boxes? Are they more invested in requirements that help them sell you more stuff or requirements that support your goals?

Strategic sourcing builds the base for success

What to look out for

We then make sure we select the right tools and supplies for the climb. We take your packing list and make sure we fill in any missing items based on our extensive knowledge of the market, tools and technology in anticipation of challenges and pitfalls you may face. This is the most important part of the climb.

You can't partner with someone who is just taking orders. You need a guide that brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. You don't want to overpack and overburden yourself on your journey but you have to be just as careful to make sure you aren't leaving things behind and arriving unprepared. 

Guided implementation and execution 

What to look out for

We make sure you don't have to learn lessons the hard way as we have been there before. We know the locations of every foothold and hidden crevasse ensuring you know exactly how to proceed safely and take the most efficient route.

Guides that can't tell you upfront where the hidden dangers lie. You don't want a guide that is discovering the dangers along the way and making you suffer the consequences of their inexperience. Make sure they can plot the route up-front and explain why they have selected their chosen path.

Enjoy the view from the top

What to look out for

Our job doesn't stop upon implementation. We continue to work with you to ensure everything is performing the way it is supposed to and that you are utilizing all of the capabilities of your new tools. We hold all parties accountable for their deliverables along with keeping your budget in line. We make it as easy as possible so you can stop worrying and start enjoying the view. 

Does your guide think their job is done at implementation? Do they have a post implementation plan? Do they have dedicated resources assigned to support you post implementation? Do they have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are benefitting from "hidden" features of your investment? Select a guide that will get you the full value of your investment.

Prepare for your next summit

What to look out for

We build long term partnerships built on respect and trust. At Eclipse, our goal is not only to ensure you love the outcome, but that you love working with us. This is why so many of our customers come to us time and again for their communication needs. Hear what our customers say about us.

Guides that don't have long term customers. Can they provide you a list of customers that have done business with them over many years and different projects? Do their customers describe them the way our customers do? 

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