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Core Competencies


With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) you get secure and cost-effective IT communications across multiple channels, and on different devices, anywhere you need them. UCaaS empowers your employees to stay connected and collaborative no matter where they are in the world.

You can take advantage of seamless, efficient, and effective communications across multiple channels, and on different devices, wherever you need it. Entirely cloud-based, UCaaS helps ensure consistent, clear and optimal video conferencing and calling, instant messaging and more—keeping you connected everywhere.


Every customer interaction matters. With CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) you can meet your customers where they want to be met via voice, text, chat, video and more. You should be leaving a lasting impression no matter how your customer engages with you. Your CCaaS tech will empower your agents to work from anywhere, drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction and NPS.


Meet your customer wherever and whenever they want to interact and open up new conversations with them on text, video and social channels.

Network Connectivity

Our Cloud Network Connectivity Solutions are Flexible, Cloud-Enabled and Secure. We connect users to users, branch offices to HQs, data centers and applications to everyone, with always-accessible, highly-secure network cloud services.


We utilize public Internet (fiber, copper, broadband, LTE), private circuits (MPLS, VPLS, P2P), MPLS, and SD-WAN in every possible combination to ensure your connectivity is always on, and always effective. With the best performance, lowest cost and highest resiliency. Stop buying the network your carrier wants and start building the cloud network that is customized to your needs.


SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is the next evolution of WAN. With SD-WAN your network routing, management, bandwidth, application and even packet level control is placed into your hands and not your carrier’s.


Through its aggregation of links, shaping of traffic, and by maximizing existing network infrastructure, SD-WAN improves your overall communication throughput and availability. As a result, multi-location businesses and work from home or road employees are connected seamlessly, standardizing their experience reliably and securely. Your company will have the competitive advantage of rapidly onboarding acquisitions into the network, adopting new, secure and different best of breed technologies that drive your business forward.

Customer Experience

AI and Automation in the contact center are becoming "must-have" technology to power next level customer experiences. Make the dream of proactive service recovery possible by monitoring callers frustration and highlighting calls where a supervisor may need to intervene prior to a customer issue becoming a customer complaint.


Offer your customers powerful new self service options powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), take compliance to another level by using AI to score every call to ensure protocols were followed, and provide better experiences to your agents by enabling "virtual assistants" that offer helpful tips and necessary information to ensure they are handling the call as efficiently and effectively as possible.

IT Security

Stop worrying, and keep your customers from worrying, too. We take the myriad IT security products you have and help you build a security posture, filling in any gaps we see. We know the moment your environment is compromised, it’s too late. So let’s get to work now.

Our services include:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Access Control

  • Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation

  • Perimeter Security

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

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