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CFO's Say Hello to Your New Best Friend!

Are you tired of feeling like you work for your vendors instead of the other way around? That you are trapped in an endless loop of rising rates with no idea how to escape? Seeing vendors rake in record profits while your bill goes up and up and up?

We are too which is why we are excited to announce Eclipse has entered an exclusive partnership with Sherwood Forest. Much like Eclipse, Sherwood Forest focuses on optimizing spend through a deep understanding of market rates for services, optimal fulfillment of services, and continuous audits of your vendor spend. This partnership will allow Eclipse to unearth substantial savings opportunities for our clients in several new categories including:

  • IT, Cloud & Software Asset Management (5%-25% savings)

  • Shipping (10-20% savings)

  • Business Insurance, Healthcare Cost Review (5%-35% savings)

  • Treasury Bank Fees (10%-30% savings)

  • Electronic Payment Commerce/Credit Card Fees (5%-20% savings)

  • Marketing/Print/Packaging, Advertising Agency Spend (15%-30% savings)

  • Copier, Printers and Fax Machines (20%-45% savings)

  • Waste & Recycling (15%-35% savings)

Sherwood Forest has worked with 20% of Fortune 500 companies to help them discover savings in a non-disruptive fashion mitigating any risk to your business. In addition, they are only paid when they successfully secure savings ensuring no downside to your business and a positive ROI.

Sherwood Forest has a long history of success with some of America’s biggest brands including:

  • $7M per year savings for Restoration Hardware

  • $17.2M in savings in year one for Home Depot

  • $70M federal tax deduction identified for Hormel Foods

  • $1.3M per year savings for Baylor Health

"I am so excited about our partnership with Sherwood Forest for one major reason, they share Eclipse's DNA level commitment to customer success and transformational outcomes. The results we have seen them deliver for clients are nothing short of spectacular. Sherwood Forest is truly a CFO's best friend. - Dave Dyson, Founder and CEO, Eclipse Telecom

The Eclipse team is exceptional. Their expertise and dedication to serving clients is top notch. We are honored to work with Eclipse to create even more value for our clients.” – Tim Hanson, Founder and CEO, Sherwood Forest

Are you ready to unlock additional savings in as little as 60 days? Reach out to us here and we can get you started on your savings journey.


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