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New Year, New You - Catchup on Our Top 5 Blog Posts From 2023 and Get a Jumpstart on 2024. Save More, Do More, and Learn More!

We wanted to start off 2024 by looking back to our top 5 performing blog posts from 2023.

These posts resonated most with our readers and contained valuable information about lowering your telecom spend, creating better experiences for your customers, and how AI is impacting the world in both good and bad ways.

Dave's Thoughts on CX: The Good The Bad and The Very Ugly - Parts 1 and 2

Technically this is 2 posts, but we are going to count it as one.

It's not surprising that these posts were so well received. Dave takes a very personal story of his own experiences traveling to teach some valuable lessons about creating more empathy in interactions, avoiding frustration for your customers and how to create delightful experiences.

2023 was a year that will be remembered for economic insecurity. Were we going to have a recession or a soft landing? Would the impact of COVID continue to linger? We saw many of our clients focus on getting the most out of their telecom spend with so much uncertainty in the air.

This post focused on one of the most effective ways to ensure you maximized your telecom spend today but also ensured you kept it under control for years to come.

Our one and only VLOG of 2023. 2023 was a year of unprecedented change with 100s of new players rolling out AI tools, the emergence of hybrid firewalls, structural changes at many legacy telecom, UCaaS, and CCaaS vendors.

This vlog focused on our takeaways from one of the premiere events in the space Channel Partners Vegas. Hear Dave Dyson, Kirk Armstrong, Sarah Puco and Matt Dickson share their thoughts on what they saw, heard and observed while attending and what it means for the way your business will be buying telecom and technology solutions in 2024 and beyond.

Our focus in this blog was on the ways that bad actors are using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to fuel a whole new wave of cyberattacks and making these attacks much more effective.

Your business is going to have to think very differently about how to protect itself in the era of AI and you can get some valuable tips about how attacks are evolving, new attack vectors being exploited in the AI tools you are exposing to the public, and more importantly how to defend yourself and your company.

Savings was clearly on everyone's mind in 2023 as not one but two blogs focused on savings made our top 5.

Consider this your playbook for achieving telecom savings in 2024. It's chock full of helpful tips on ensuring your efforts spent on getting savings aren't wasted by helping you understand when, where and how to achieve savings.

While this blog didn't quite crack the top 5 with savings being a key area of interest for our blog readers in 2023 we thought this blog was also worth a mention.

This blog focused on our exclusive partnership with Sherwood Forest. If you want to turbocharge your savings beyond telecom, this blog is a must read. Sherwood Forest has a long history of success with some of America’s biggest brands including:

  • $7M per year savings for Restoration Hardware

  • $17.2M in savings in year one for Home Depot

  • $70M federal tax deduction identified for Hormel Foods

  • $1.3M per year savings for Baylor Health

You can learn a bit more about them and their process in this blog.

Want to chat about anything you read here? Reach out to us here to continue the discussion.


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